“Before I came to the workshop, there’s no way you could have convinced me that vegetables packed into a jar and covered with liquid could be safe, let alone taste delicious and be good for your health… so I’ve been pleasantly surprised to learn otherwise and open up a world of new possibilities.” Or so the comments went on the day, as layer by layer, Cassie & Carey delivered a nutritious, delicious and informative session demystifying the ancient arts of not only preserving, but improving food by partnering with the beneficial microbes that we depend on.

Covering the essentials of making sauerkraut, kimchi, yoghurt, and kefir, the day highlighted how much there is to be gained on both a personal and societal level by coming together over good wholesome food – it’s where many other conversations, connections and actions can spring from. 

Luke & Mary made a great sauerkraut packing team


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Yoghurt- and cheese-making proved to be popular



And what would a food-based workshop be without the delicious tasters? Here we have our all star lunch cast of sourdough pancakes, spanish omelette, spanikopita, homegrown rocket & capsicum salad, cultured ginger carrots, assorted sauerkrauts, yoghurt cheese (labneh) and kefir cheese. Served with your choice of delicious milk kefir or refreshing lemon, mint, and whey nectar. YUM!


Stay tuned for more VEGucational action from the team, over at the VEGucation page, and may your acidophilus flourish for many years to come 🙂