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Holistic Management Workshop

Introduction to Holistic Decision Making (Mornington Peninsula)

Mossy Willow Farm, until 25 Nov
Holistic Management is a tool we use throughout this little business we call VEG, and it's one you which you can use to improve your focus and clarity of purpose in life, work and play.
The Power of Scythe (Woodend) 3

The Power of Scythe (Castlemaine)

Learn to cut grass, trim weeds and harvest grains with this elegant and simple tool, with no petrol, low noise and great ergonomic exercise.

Living the Backyard Permaculture Dream

VEG Warehouse
Let the Trusted Professionals at VEG take your hand and lead you up the garden path... Sense a potential permaculture paradise in your backyard but not sure how to get [...]
Advanced Permaculture Planning + Design Process 2018

Advanced Permaculture Design Process

, until 5 Apr
Dan from VEG is excited to be running this four day residential workshop with David Holmgren, co-originator of permaculture.

VEG News

A Tour of Past VEG Garden Installations

On July 27th, Jeremy, Brendon, Adam and Dan made a day of visiting a bunch of past VEG garden design […]

Viva the VEG-Assisted Rocket Barrel Oven Revolution!

We are excited about rocket barrel ovens. Dan recently made a very short video explaining why. We have a workshop […]

Introducing Brendon Farlow

It has been VEG’s great luck to net a winner with our newest team member, Brendon Farlow (we’re still in […]

Amazing Soil Growth in Heathmont Backyard

Prepare to be amazed. After a decade of chook and duck poo but most especially many cycles of grasses and […]

The Latest VEG Chook House

A few years back this was the latest and greatest chook house exiting VEG HQ. Not a bad wee bit […]

8-Year Old VEG Suburban Permaculture Garden Tour

A few weeks back we enjoyed revisiting Pam’s Kew garden that we helped design and install about eight years back.