Unleash the Power of Composting: Our Cypress Compost Bays are the Ultimate Solution for Your Composting Needs.

Compost with Confidence: Features for Effortless and Worry-Free Composting

Our compost bays are thoughtfully designed for functionality and durability, featuring strong 200mm x 50mm sleepers. Equipped with rat-proof lids, stainless steel hinges, and wire mesh bases, they provide peace of mind by effectively safeguarding your compost from unwanted critters. With ventilation provided by shade cloth on top and a free-draining floor below, you can compost with confidence, knowing your efforts are protected by our reliable compost bays.

Functional and safe with rat proof wire integrated into the lid and base.

Mix, Rotate, and Supercharge: Versatile Design for Optimal Composting Results

Unleash your composting prowess with the versatile design of our compost bays. Easily lift out the inner dividers and front wall sleepers to facilitate effortless mixing and rotation between bays. Designed specifically for hot compost rotations, our compost bays utilize heat to expedite the decomposition process, resulting in nutrient-rich compost in less time. Our compost bays are equally adept at storing and managing cold compost piles and accommodating all of your organic material storage with ease.

A freshly constructed three bay system ready to go!

Nature’s Fortification: Crafted with Durable Cupressus Macrocarpa Timber

Crafted from ethically sourced and untreated Cupressus macrocarpa timber, commonly known as Monterey cypress. This timber’s natural properties make it highly resistant to decay and termite infestations, thanks to its inherent chemical compounds acting as a natural deterrent. Rest assured, our compost bays will remain structurally sound and visually appealing for years to come, eliminating worries about decay and termite damage.

Cypress being loaded into our Brunswick workshop where we hand-make all of our products.

A Perfect Match: Compost Bays that Integrate with Very Edible Gardens’ Chook Straw Yards

Witness the magic when composting and chooks unite! Our compost bays integrate harmoniously with Very Edible Gardens’ chook straw yards. Create a gardening system where composting and chooks work hand in hand, amplifying the benefits for your garden.

The ultimate in chook-powered composting with VEG Straw Yard integration.
These straw yard attached bays offer dual access for maximum functionality.

The More, the Merrier: Customize Your Compost Bay Collection!

There’s no limit to the number of compost bays you can have! For a productive home system, we recommend 2-3 bays, while an active community garden requires a minimum of 4 bays. Customize the number of bays to suit your specific needs and watch your composting efforts flourish.

Our bays can integrate seamlessly onto existing community garden compost bays.

Feed Your Garden’s Appetite: Sustainable Composting for Nutrient-Dense Soil

Investing in our Cypress 1m3 Compost Bays is a sustainable choice that helps to generate nutrient-dense compost, nourishing your garden, and cycling kitchen waste and green waste back into the soil where it belongs. Contact us now to explore our range of composting options and find the perfect solution for your composting needs.

What’s the Cost?

Get the Ultimate Composting Experience Installed, single bays starting at $1900. Add Extra Bays for around $1200 each.

Note: Prices may vary based on location and site-specific conditions as well as features installed. Contact us for detailed information and custom quotes.

Ready to dive into the wonderful world of composting? Get in touch with us today!

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