There’s only one Will Pullin, only one Will Power, and only one acronym to describe him: OMG.

 1000 Watt Smile

In case you’ve never crossed paths with this exceptional human being, you’d better get down to the VEG community garden install at Balaclava on December 16, or get yourself a ticket to Newcastle, because to our great despair, and their greatest delight, Will is a headin’ home! A true novocastrian🙂


After five full power years in Melbourne, Will is taking the next big step in his life, to branch out on his own turf, with the full support of VEG behind him, so look out!

VEG likes getting feedback about things we’ve done well, or not so well. This way we can continually improve or at least enjoy a job well done. If we happen to forget that Will’s on the job for us, we usually find out pretty quickly afterward with beaming emails from customers that are a glowing testament to this incredible person. If you don’t believe us, try this on for size all from jobs Will has been a big part of:

“Thanks Dan, what a lovely day today with Will and Josh. I love it when people working in our yard share a passion”

“Dan, hi. We had another successful couple of days with Will and Josh. The garden looks loved and lovely. Please forward an invoice. If there is ever a need for a comment or recommendation please let me know.  We have been impressed and have been learning alongside.”

…”Thanks to your team for all their hard work. Not only have they worked so hard and skilfully, but they also manage to bring a good vibe with them every day”

“Hi Dan – the  work  is  going great….the guys are truly amazing.”

“We are really happy with the work done yesterday, as the new beds are even better than the old one… The guys did some great work”


And whilst Will has been the force of nature, engine room of the VEG Implementation Division for many years, covering all sorts of jobs from near cliff-face chook system installs, to slightly more level chook systems, to large scale school kitchen gardens, to tiny backyard edible gardens (this clip with over 6000 views – it’s that laugh at the end!), to captivating kids with his compost magic at the Royal Melbourne Show, he’s had more than one hat on. Enter the Port Phillip Ecocentre, where Will is the garden coordinator, and his boundless energy and irrepressible positivity have seen his name etched into Ecocentre legend. Or you can read how much they love him here too (scroll down to find Will).


  • If you feel like a cycling trip around Australia, then talk to Will first; been there, done that.

  • If you need to get in shape to compete in top level triathlons, take a run, swim & cycle with Will.

  • If you want some industrial engineering contracts completed, drop him a line.

  • Or maybe you just want to fossick and stroll among the foreshores of Port Phillip Bay, where Will’s love for the natural environment and his attunement to home have connected him to this lovely country.  

Whichever way you cut it, the upshot is that we really, really love Will Pullin. Thanks Will, total legend.