ripe tomatoes

For what to plant now in Melbourne, and other garden ideas, check out our monthly tips and trick…

January in the Garden

This month will be your absolute last chance to sow some summer crops for autumn harvest, so slip, slop, slap and all that and get stuck in.

February in the Garden

Oh yeah, peak harvest is starting. Time to reap what you sowed. In a good way!

March in the Garden

Ahh March, time to launch a full scale (whoa back, also a well planned) attack on your veggie patch!

April in the Garden

Out with the old. In with the new!

May in the Garden

Pretty much what we said last month. Because it’s all still really relevant. (Honestly, it’s not laziness.)

June in the Garden

Don’t let the winter blues stop you from planting some greens and there’s heaps of other garden things to do!

July in the Garden

Maybe just stay in side. (Just kidding, there’s plenty you can do.)

August in the Garden

It’s still cold but days and we’re mostly holding out for the spring to plant new things, but there’s things you can do!

September in the Garden

The smell of jasmine and apple blossoms is in the air.

October in the Garden

The soil is warming up and it’s time to get those summer seedlings in!

November in the Garden

Haven’t planted out the veggie patch? Don’t listen to the haters, it’s not too late!

December in the Garden

The days are long and the heat is definitely upon us. Let’s keep those plant babies safe.