From garden design to full-blown edible landscaping we have you covered.

A few VEG garden installs

Edible Landscaping

Following on from your VEG permaculture design we can create a layered, low maintenance garden that not only produces food but works with natures systems to provide food and habitat for beneficial insects, birds and bees.

Convert your existing garden or lawn into an abundant food producing system now.

Wicking Beds

Looking for a water-efficient garden bed design that is made locally from ethically sourced timber? Want your tomatoes standing strong through the hottest days of summer?

From kitsets and DIY to fully installed garden beds VEG can help get you up and growing in no time.

Find out more about our wicking beds at

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Chook Systems

It’s nothing but the best for our backyard chickens! We build not only beautiful but very functional VEG chook systems, with fox-proof straw yards and optional orchard day runs.

Visit our chook page for more.

VEG chook systems including strawyard

We are here to help with all aspects of garden design and edible landscaping enquiries.

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