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Our Kitset VEG Beds are top-quality, low-cost veggie beds you build yourself.  They are…

  • Made from locally & ethically-sourced cypress timber
  • Solid, untreated and naturally ground durable
  • Simple to assemble (you’ll need a drill though)
  • Available in any dimensions meaning you can custom-fit veggie beds into your space
  • Available within one-three weeks of receiving your order and payment depending on how busy we are!

To order a kitset bed you first need to chose what height you’d like.  There are four heights (click on a height to order one right now):


Once you have collected your bed from our warehouse in Brunswick or had us deliver it to you, assembly is straightforward. Note that you will need a drill.  To save a bit of time two drills or a drill and an impact driver would be nice, but one drill will suffice.  Most beds will take you less than an hour to put together, ideally with a helper.  Once assembled your bed is ready for soil, plants and good times.

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Read our Kitset VEG Bed FAQs here, contact us with any questions.

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