What to plant and do in the Melbourne garden this month

In the veggie patch

  • It’s getting late for planting a few things from seed but you can still sow lettuce, beans, beetroot, all the asian greens (bok choi, tatsoi, mibuna, mizuna etc), broccoli, brussels sprouts (honestly they taste great when home grown and lightly cooked), mustards, radish (the fastest baring crop there is), cucumber,  pumpkin, zucchini, sweet corn and maize, leek, parsley, silverbeet, squash, sunflower (did you know you can eat the young flower heads like artichoke?), kohlrabi, carrots (keep the moisture up to them or they won’t sprout), parsnips, coriander, shallots, spring onion and chives.
  • For capsicums, chilli, squash, eggplant, and tomatoes — grow from seedlings and get them in ASAP.
  • Don’t shirk on the basil, you can never have too much!  One of our favourites is the lettuce leave basil, with it’s sweet slightly aniseed flavour, available as seed from many Italian grocers and with a leaf big enough to service an entire sandwich.  Delicious with sun warmed tomatoes straight from the vine.
  • How about a melon — choose a cold tolerant rockmelon, or watermelon like Sugar Baby.
  • With the plant out add some compost and a layer of straw mulch.
  • Start thinking about your summer watering system. Wicking beds or an irrigation system are worth considering as they can take the biggest chore out of gardening.  

In the orchard

  • Now’s a good time to pinch off any unwanted growth (especially from below grafts) on your fruit trees, before it becomes a sizeable branch.


  • Mulberries, loquats (two under-appreciated fruits, although most loquats are seedlings and not necessarily the best ambassadors of their type) are already falling from the trees.  The first of the apricots may be amongst us next.
  • In the veggie garden we’re pulling out a huge quantity of broad beans, silverbeet, lettuce, spring onions, big cauliflower heads, broccoli and more.

Plan your future garden

If you want to grow food for spring and summer but haven’t got your own garden yet, now is a great time to install and plant a garden. Not sure where to start? We can help you with customised DIY sustainable timber raised garden bed and wicking bed kits to suit your garden, or we can install any of these options for you.