VEG has been getting amongst it again this Summer, and had a great presence down at Clayton Street Festival on Feb 24 – those people know how to party, and educate at the same time!
Carey was busy all day talking with young and old alike, about the joys of home gardening, using Permaculture to analyze and integrate our growing spaces, and the joys and pitfalls to be had when venturing into being a chicken keeper and compost maker. The latter two were in the form of free presentations, but really it was all that and more throughout the day.
Hard to pick only one highlight, so here’s three: 1) Countess Compost & Gazza Garbage were the roving minstrels of the day, tipping all manner of post consumer stuff onto the street, whence they would be descended on by a flock of kids who would learn the difference between rubbish, recyclable, and compostable, whilst scoring points for slam-dunking that stuff back into the right bins! 2) The Chinese Senior Citizens Dance Troupe – old and wise and with plenty of flare! 3) The young lad who is the Compost Captain at his local primary school, who came in to get some pointers about keeping conditions right for his school’s living, breathing, indeed magical alchemical pile of organic matter – what a legend!
See you soon at a festival near you 🙂