Supplying bees with a regular water supply during the warm/dry season is an easy way for anyone wanting to support beneficial insect life, and essential for beekeepers in general. Bees are attracted to the smell of wet earth, especially during dry weather – ever noticed how bees can just arrive whilst you’re watering pot plants or garden on a hot day? Bees train to a safe, regular supply very quickly and it’s wonderful to see them flying in for a drink. Much better like this than your neighbours pool.. Something as simple as a small container or bathtub style wetland or even a tray under a gently dripping tap will work, but you need to think ‘landing-pad’ for the bees, rather than just a tub of water. Even water lillies in a pond are much less safe than a nice wet-soil or sandy edge. A few rocks with water trickling over is perfect. Enjoy seeing them come & go!

Bees Need Water Too from Very Edible Gardens on Vimeo.

And below, something a little less involved, for the non-committal. Tray, sand, water, bees, good.

PS, on a hot day, both watering holes are covered with bees. 

BeesWater3 from Very Edible Gardens on Vimeo.