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So yes we’re rather excited to be launching our new subproject VEG Wicking Beds over at! Wicking beds are veggie beds with a water reservoir under the soil. They make gardening easier, while saving you water. We’ve been quietly experimenting and implementing wicking beds for years, and the number of enquiries has been rising steadily ever since. So, after building hundreds of wicking beds, we decided to make a whole focused website where you can find about our approach to them – and if required, get some help, whether in wicking bed kits, installation, or repairs.

Here’s a little video to introduce the project which will also acquaint you with the most affable Jeremy Prentice, who’s now managing our wicking beds operation:

So head on over to the new website for all things wicking beds in Melbourne, including wicking bed kits, wicking bed installations, workshops and how-to guides.  May your water wick well, and your garden grow green and lustrous.