We’ve created this new service to share our collective-decades of experience in designing and establishing solidly thought-out productive food gardens at home. Yep, you can have the VEG consult experience without even having to make us a cup of tea.

It’s obviously poignant currently, and while it’s looking to be a trying time for our health and the economy, we’re hoping some good things can come of it: the improved self-reliance along with the environmental, health and pure gastronomic benefits of more home-grown food.

The Services

Let’s say you are considering starting a veggie patch, getting chooks, or catching and storing your own rain water and you’re thinking “where the eek do I start?” We can help!

There’s two services we’re offering online:

  • garden design service — we get to know you and your land and help you decide what and where to get started.
  • garden coaching service — we’ll help you through the steps in garden preparation including soil improvement, watering, plant selection, and help you with any gardening issues you’re having such as weeds and pest control, anything.

On the garden design service we can:

  • ‘Walk’ around your site (as in you share a live video as you walk around) to help you understand its patterns, strengths and challenges of your site and its surrounds (including wind, sun, soil, slope, water etc)
  • Help you clarify your goals, priorities, and decision making process towards rapidly increasing your ability to provide for more of your basic needs at home
  • Assess opportunities to work with the water coming off your roofs and paths, including storages to tap when needed
  • Figure where and how to start or expand vegetable and fruit production
  • Decide whether chooks are a good option and how they can be best integrated with the rest of the system
  • Anything else relevant to creating your very own edible oasis at home

Our standard rate is $115 per hour (though we will totally make exceptions for people in desperate circumstances).

We’ll likely automate the booking process soon, but meantime send us a message to get the ball rolling and let’s do this.