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Date(s) - 1 Dec 2018
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

VEG Warehouse

Let the Trusted Professionals at VEG take your hand and lead you up the garden path…

Sense a potential permaculture paradise in your backyard but not sure how to get there? This one-day workshop will support you toward finding the right answers and solutions for your situation leaving you with confidence in the right next steps for you.  Guaranteed!

Here’s how it works:

After registering, you will be assigned pre-workshop homework:

  • You will be given clear video instructions then required to draft a clear goal statement for what you’d like your place to become (we’ll give examples and you’ll be able to do this fine :-))
  • You will be required to share your property address (or any property you want to work with) and we will prepare for you and send back a high-resolution aerial photo for you to print along with clear homework instructions for things we’ll ask you to get out and observe before the workshop.
  • You will also be required to film and submit a one or two minute video of your place so we can quickly grasp the lay of the land
  • You will finally be required to bring a soil sample (we’ll send clear directions) that we will look at together during the day

Free Talk on Growing Fruit and VEG in small containers

In the course of the day Dan and Jeremy (with a possible cameo appearance from Adam) will hold your hand as we go through:

  • The importance of starting with clear intention (and getting the different family members on the same page)
  • Coming to understand your place intimately, including helping you see things that you probably have not yet seen
  • The ultimate process for unfolding and implementing a beautiful layout in your space
  • Clear examples of the options available to you and whether they make sense for you
  • Understanding your soil and how to work with it
  • Crystal clarity on the right next steps for you

As should be clear this will be a highly interactive day where the main subject matter will be you and your situation. We will effectively be mentoring or coaching you toward being in control of your own process of making your own place as alive, beautiful, harmonious and productive as possible.

Workshop fee includes morning and afternoon teas and a comprehensive booklet of notes to support you moving forward. Lunch please bring your own or are plentiful cafes in all directions (it is Brunswick after all). Participant numbers strictly capped at fourteen.

There will be options if needed for either a follow up call or some kind of custom design consultancy.

Full disclaimer: The whole general idea and the exact details of this workshop came to Dan in a vivid and unpremeditated dream. We don’t know what that means, exactly, but we think it is a good thing :-).

Final Note: Just to be sure you didn’t miss this point, this day is not about us being the experts who do a design for you, but us being the mentors who support you to start moving with confidence and clarity toward designing your place yourself. In a way you could say the day is about helping you ask the right questions rather than drowning you in yet more pre-packaged answers :-).


Sorry! This event is fully booked.