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Date(s) - 23 Nov - 25 Nov

Mossy Willow Farm

Location: Mossy Willow Farm, Mornington Peninsula

Facilitator: Dan Palmer

Cost: Earlybird price $350 per person (valid till October 15th) then $400 full price per person thereafter. If booking as part of a couple or group is special price of $325 per person regardless of when you book.

Dates and times: 3-7pm on Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday, 9am-4pm Sunday.

Accomodation: You are welcome to bring your own gear and camp on this beautiful site. There is plenty of spots to pitch a tent by the creek an outdoor shower, very luxurious indoor compost toilet, and did anybody mention the Japanese hot tub? Is also parking space for camper vans etc.

Fully and amazingly catered?: Yes indeed all lunches, dinners (including Friday eve) and morning and afternoon teas are included (bring your own brekkie though if you are camping).

Holistic Management Workshop

Holistic Decision Making (HDM) is an approach to making great things happen in a way that increases quality of life for all involved. When we make decisions holistically, we:

  • get real clear on what we really want, on what quality of life means for us
  • use the power of the decisions we make (large and small) to move toward this without unintentional stuff-ups
  • seek and use feedback to stay on track

In doing so, life and life projects start feel less like that things that are happening to you (or dragging you along for the ride) into things that you are intentionally doing or living. At the same time, you start shedding the parts of your life that are not authentic or don’t really belong and both strengthening and adding those that do. Once you get a taste for it, it is hard to turn back.

Holistic decision making can be applied to yourself, your family, any business or project you are part of. We apply it to all of these things and more.

You will leave this workshop hungry to go back into your life and make decisions having seen how they are the only steering wheel you get in this life to move toward what most brings you and your projects alive.

“The holistic decision making system is probably the most useful tool I have ever been given which I have used mostly for personal/ family blossoming and could use in so many more ways”  ~ Amandine

In this workshop you will not only hear about this approach. You will practice it, repeatedly, with much friendly feedback. You will explore and articulate what matters most in the various aspects of your life.  You will improve your focus and clarity of purpose as well as learn how to steer directly into the space you most deeply want to be in, and stay there.

Though appropriate for anyone working in any decision-making context, in this workshop, held at a working farm, we both invite and will be sure to cater to small farmers feeling like they’d like a better system for driving their enterprise forward with better decision making.

This workshop will cover:

  • The entire approach clearly explained using examples from the facilitator’s lives, games and practical exercises.
  • Creating what we call a ‘context’ for yourself, your family or an organisation/business you are part of that captures deepest values, mission and desires along with what must be done and nurtured to achieve them.
  • Using that context to filter decisions and take actions based on their relevance to this context.
  • Seeking and using feedback to actualise, maintain, and evolve your context.
VEG workshopHolistic Management Workshop 1

Holistic decision making is something Dan finds invaluable and integral in his personal and family life, and also in his work as a permaculture designer and educator.

“Just wanted to shoot you a massive thank you for the most amazing workshop. It’s giving me focus and clarity and it’s done wonders for my relationship. An analogy that came to mind after the first session was that it felt like looking into your heart, putting its content on paper and then with a rational mind working out how to fulfil those dreams. Feeling motivated on the verge of bursting. Love it!” ~ Martin

You can get a feel for this approach here.

Dan Palmer is deeply passionate about this topic and uses a variety of facilitation tools to create an adaptive space in which all participants give each other permission to share openly and to support each other in understanding then applying the holistic decision making framework.

“I had a feeling the workshop would be a complete game changer for me and oh boy, has it been. I feel like my fog of overwhelm has been lifted, and I’ve so much more head and heart space to be present in my life. I was a completely different Mum yesterday purely because I knew I was exactly where I needed to be, doing exactly what I was needing to be doing, and whenever I started to stray off course I could come back to centre because I actually knew where centre was!!! Rather than just having a vague unpleasant sense of being generally off alignment. I really feel there’s no going back for me now. Thank you a billion times over Dan. It’s such a gift to know you and be able to learn from you.”  ~ Angela

Facilitator Bios

Retrosuburbia is here

Dan Palmer

Dan is co-founder of Permablitz, LandedHolistic Decision Making, Making Permaculture Stronger and  Very Edible Gardens. He has a PhD in systems thinking and contagious levels of enthusiasm for supporting the journeys of others. He currently lives with his wife and two daughters in a small home in Castlemaine.

Note: Dan Palmer is not affiliated with either the Savory Institute or Holistic Management International and is not a certified Holistic Management Educator. While Savory’s Holistic Management approach has been one of the key inspirations for Dan’s development of Holistic Decision Making (HDM), HDM focuses 100% on making better decision making accessible to everyone (including non-farmers), and which makes no use of any proprietary limited holistic management material. For anyone interested in learning more about Holistic Management, which primary serves grassland farmers and ranchers, please visit either the Savory Institute or Holistic Management International.


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