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Advanced Permaculture Planning + Design Process 2018

Dan’s excited to be running another four-day Advanced Permaculture Planning + Design Process workshop with David Holmgren again in April […]

Rocket Stove Antics with Joel Meadows

Watch a video of Joel Meadows demonstrating his super efficient rocket-stove-powered oven, the kind you can learn to make on […]

VEG 2017 Spring Seminar Series of Free Talks

We are most excited to announce we’re blossoming into spring with a bunch of free talks at VEG HQ in […]

From the wilderness… a VEG newsletter

Greetings! Did you miss us? It’s been a while since we wrote a newsletter, and we’ve been receiving the odd […]

New VEG wicking beds video and wicking website

So yes we’re rather excited to be launching our new subproject VEG Wicking Beds over at! Wicking beds are […]

New book: The Art of Frugal Hedonism

VEG’s Adam Grubb has co-authored another book with Annie Raser-Rowland, and this one’s a genuine pleasure. The Art of Frugal […]

New VEG eBook: The Rocket Powered Oven by Tim Barker and Joel Meadows

We’re incredibly proud to be publishing this! It’s a step-by-step guide to building your own super-efficient rocket powered oven. The […]

10 years of permablitzing

It was in April 2006 that the very first permablitz took place at Vilma from El Salvador’s place in Dandenong. […]

Happy birthday Carey!

Carey failed to pull last years trick of not telling us about his birthday this year. So, during a lovely […]

A rocket to call my own

Rocket stoves are a revolution in efficient burning of wood. Check out this brand new post about Dan’s first home-made rocket […]

Dan having a bit of a laugh with Darren Doherty

Yesterday Dan got something important off his chest whilst visiting Darren Doherty 😉    

Thumbs Up to Brian Wehlburg and Seymour Holistic Management Training Opportunity

Many friends of Very Edible Gardens know that something called holistic management decision making floats our boat just as much […]
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