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Introducing Brendon Farlow

It has been VEG’s great luck to net a winner with our newest team member, Brendon Farlow (we’re still in […]

Amazing Soil Growth in Heathmont Backyard

Prepare to be amazed. After a decade of chook and duck poo but most especially many cycles of grasses and […]

The Latest VEG Chook House

A few years back this was the latest and greatest chook house exiting VEG HQ. Not a bad wee bit […]

8-Year Old VEG Suburban Permaculture Garden Tour

A few weeks back we enjoyed revisiting Pam’s Kew garden that we helped design and install about eight years back.

Rocket Time with Tim and Joel – the countdown is on!

We’re looking forward to Rocket Time with Tim and Joel in September this year. Here’s a little vid of a […]

Fun and Games with VEG’s old Mate Costa (not to mention David and Oli)

11 Strategies for Lead Contaminated Garden Soils

A recent RMIT study found that one in five Melbourne vegie patches had high levels of lead contamination in the […]

VEG 2018 Update

VEG & Friends Rocket-Powered Gathering end of 2017 What VEG is up to in 2018 In case you hadn’t realised, […]

VEG Chook Systems are go Go GO

That’s right, after a few years of focusing on other stuff (like wicking beds and our PDC, for instance), we’re excited […]

Landed has landed!

After a year or so of design and development discussions and explorations, we recently launched Landed. Landed is a new […]

Making Permaculture WHAT? – did you say STRONGER?

We thought those of you interested in permaculture and permaculture design might be interested to hear what Dan’s been up […]

Retrosuburbia is here

As friends and colleagues of all the crew at Holmgren Design, which includes permaculture originator David Holmgren, we’ve been waiting […]
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