Growing food at home is a skill, and like any skill it takes a while, and usually a few mistakes, to get the hang of steering your edible yard through the seasons.  Very Edible Gardens offers an edible garden maintenance education service, where our skilled and very lovely consultant Kim will come and spend two hours (or as long as required) every month (or as often as required) helping you and your garden get better acquainted.  We’re finding this a great way of following through once we’ve done a design and then implemented it.  Often customers come along to some of our courses, but at the end of it all a new garden can be daunting.  Think of our maintenance education as the training wheels you’ll be ready to leave behind after six months or a year, having gaining the confidence and competence to keep your garden healthy and productive year-round.

Our fee depends on your location and your exact requirements, so contact us for more info.