Rough Sawn
Top Shelf

If kitset VEG beds aren’t your thing, it would be our pleasure to come on over and make a fine job of personally installing some VEG beds at your place. We are friendly, passionate, do a great job, and routinely receive great feedback. Here, check this out:

We are exceptionally happy with our new garden beds. The guys have done a brilliant job and they look great. Amanda and I had a cup of tea staring at them this morning. The kids are excited about having new climbing apparatus in our yard. Many thanks again. It has been a great experience dealing with you.
~ Richard, Gardenvale

Before we can come do a great job for you, you need to select either our Rough Sawn or Top Shelf style VEG beds. Both are renowned for their quality, durability and ethically-sourced timber. They are built by us on site from untreated, naturally long-lasting cypress macrocarpa sleepers. They look, feel and smell great, and we can make them in just about any size and shape you like. Read on to see which kind most floats your boat.

With bench seat
Getting serious


The garden looks loved and lovely. If there is ever a need for a comment or recommendation please let me know. We have been impressed and have been learning alongside
~ Cindy, Aberfeldie


Click for more Rough Sawn examples


Top Shelf VEG Beds

Our Top Shelf VEG Beds are all about style and they have looks to kill. Fully dressed (read nice and smooth) with standard bench seats and external uprights then fully stained on the outside to maintain the natural golden hue of the timber. The beds in this photo were wicking and installed in a public park for a local council who was soon asking for more.

Top Shelf beds

How it Works

Once you choose either Rough Sawn (with our without a bench seat) and Top Shelf VEG beds (bench seat standard), choose what level you would like them installed to:

  • the bed edging installed ready for you to fill with soil
  • the bed installed and filled with soil
  • the bed installed with soil and veggies or
  • all this plus a top-notch irrigation system (either dripline or wicking)

Then all you have to do is email through what you want (or call for a chat about it) so we can send you a quote, and, should you find the quote acceptable, book in an installation date, usually within about three or four weeks. Too easy!