Orchard Packages Want to go beyond just vegies and increase your food production to include fruit?  Don’t have enough time […]

VEG Inventions Incubator

Here at VEG we have ideas which sometimes we develop into backyard edible inventions.  Watch this space for our latest […]

Kitset VEG Bed Assembly Instructions

Thanks for purchasing one (or more) of our kitset VEG Beds! These assembly instructions are designed to make it easy […]

Kitset VEG Bed FAQs

What is so great about cypress.  Why is it better than treated pine? Cypress is natural by-product salvaged from old […]

Cypress Timber

For all our timber we use untreated cypress macrocarpa (Cupressus macropcarpa) sourced from small family mills, who harvest end-of-life trees […]