If you’re in Melbourne and you’ve had a niggling wonder as to why you’ve needed to water your garden a good dose in October and November when we’re apparently in a La Niña year (which typically means more rain), then you’re not alone!

As with all things weather, there’s more to this than most news bulletins will afford the time, so I decided to whack together a vid on what’s been what, why our rainfall for Sept-Nov has been lower than average and when we might have some more precipatory action in our region.

And yes, it includes the lovely rain event of 22nd – 23rd Nov 🙂

This vid covers quite a bit (finished up about three times longer than I’d anticipated, and I thought it was already stripped back!), and yet there are other influences on our climate – we’ll have to save those for another day.

If you enjoy this vid and/or would love to learn more about understanding weather, then hit up the contact form or submit an EOI and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on upcoming courses! 🙂

Meteorologically yours, J.