Spring onionAllium ascalonicum
Family: Alliaceae

Spring onions have been used in China and Japan for centuries. They have a white stalk and green leaves.


  • Dynasty Winter King and Summer King are grown commercially in Australia

Eden Seeds sells:

  • Evergreen Buching – forms clusters of 4-9 long slender non-bulbing.
  • Straight Leaf – the name says it all.


Spring onions like a light,well drained soil which you will have in your VEG but they do prefer a slightly acidic soil with a pH of 5.3-6

Soil depth

Plant seed to 1.5cm deep and keep moist until they germinate, and thereafter don’t let their small roots dry out (your other veggies wont perform if not kept moist).

Pests and diseases

Remember if you have trouble working out what is attacking your plants you can go to the amazing government website on pest and disease identification here- http://www.padil.gov.au/


Store in layers of sand in a cool and frost free environment or alternatively, if you have the space, you can overwinter – just leave in the ground and pick at will.

Uses and recipes

See recipes.


“My two housemates have an irrational fear of spring onions.” (Food for Thought)