Warm your hands and toes, cook a locally grown meal, or heat your home and water; VEG untreated, ethically sourced timber offcuts are ready to go!

Timber is the wonderful Monterey cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa) sourced from farms in Gippsland where is was planted 60-100 years ago as windbreaks with a view to harvesting for sawlogs as the trees matured. VEG uses this timber exclusively for VEG beds, chook houses and runs, retaining walls etc where it has a good service life in contact with soil, without chemical treatment. Small family owned mills provide VEG with all of our sleepers, posts, beams etc and it’s great to do business with people who care about the land and reject clear-cut logging.

Off-cut sizes vary from small chips to larger solid blocks, but rarely exceed 30cm long, so will fit most first fireplaces. Use of a screen is a must with open fireplaces indoors, as the wood can throw sparks. Also, it will benefit from some further drying (couple of weeks if stored inside, or couple of months if outside).

The deal is you come and load it into your car or trailer yourself by appointment as we’re often in and out. We can help load bags if too heavy but aren’t offering to load your trailer 🙂

Contact our warehouse manager Carey: carey@veryediblegardens.com

Prices vary from $5 for a feed/chaff bag or box/crate to $30 for a typical 6’x4′ trailer. A bit more for a mother-load like the market crate shown below.

Sacks are great for a camping trip, people even pick up a bicycle trailer’s worth on occasion too!

Burn it hot, and with plenty of air – ideal for a rocket stove!