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Date(s) - 21 Mar 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Very Edible Gardens

There’s few things Melbournian’s talk more about than beverages or sport, but weather is certainly one of them! We suspect that’s because it can be changeable and seems hard to predict, but it doesn’t have to be so mysterious. It’s all about knowledge…

Hosted by VEG’s Jeremy and comprising four sessions across the year this free (yes free*!) series is designed to unleash your inner weather nerd. Occurring at significant points of the annual cycle, each session will cover global climate fundamentals along with current weather patterns and what to look for until the next session.

Bookings through this listing are for all four sessions, running 6pm-8pm @ the VEG warehouse on:

Thurs March 21st (nigh on Equinox)
Thurs June 20th (nigh on Winter solstice)
Thurs Sept 19th (nigh on Equinox)
Thurs Dec 19th (nigh on Summer solstice)

The intent for this course is that the discrete sessional learnings are coupled with self-guided work in between: basically, the more you delve into the content for yourself (with some support & amongst good company), the deeper your understanding is likely to be.

Between sessions, interesting weather highlights will be sporadically shared to participants, via some sort of social media/email group (format to be decided by the group).

Content will move from a global context, to the Australasian region, then the Victorian climate  and finally Melbourne-centric view of typical weather patterns. Along the way we’ll cover many topics:

  • global weather generation and patterns (i.e. Hadley cells and the like)
  • the difference between weather and climate
  • ocean & land effects on weather generation, and how they differ
  • El Niño & La Niña and their compatriots in Australia’s annual weather patterns
  • exploring the 4-seasons-in-one-day commentary while considering how four seasons across the year doesn’t seem a very good fit
  • how to read a synoptic chart (that’s one in action below)
  • Melbournian idiosyncrasies like: a temperature drop from 40C to 25C in 10mins on a hot February day, and the rain-sunshine-hail-sunshine experience of a wintry July afternoon

We’ll also have learning resources to help train your weather-eyes day to day, so you can become even more weather savvy.

So, if you’re up for a informative, fun, weather-filled year then sign up and we promise you’ll never see weather the same way again… yes, you too can become That Person in your social circle who is always yabbering on about high and low pressure systems, cloud formation and the likelihood (or not) of a hot, dry summer next year!


*do I have to do all 4 sessions? Nope, but it’ll really help as the learning trajectory is balanced across the year

*what if I miss one? ’tis ok – you’re part of the weather nerd community now… we’ll help you out; that said, this is designed as an accelerated self-guided learning format, so you’ll do best if you work to catch up 🙂 

*why is the series free? Well, because we can really; and basically it’s better for everyone if Jeremy talks with other weather nerds who might appreciate the nuances of weather more deeply than most

*I’m from far away, will it be available online? Ah sorry, not at this stage, but if that changes we’ll be sure to announce it

Free talk on understanding weather: a Melbournians' pocket guide to life


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