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Date(s) - 24 Mar
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Permaculture is a broad design system for building sustainable human habitats, drawing inspiration from patterns in natural systems.

Permaculture design venn diagram

Topics covered in this one-day course include context and an introduction to permaculture ethics and design principles, illustrated with topics relevant to home food production and frugal resource use, such as garden design, water catchment and use, urban animals, companion planting, caring for soil. Includes case studies and design examples.

Holistic Management Workshop 2

The course material is broken up with illustrative games and group work. Participants receive a handout covering all the topics on the course.

The course caters to backyard permaculture but also encourages people to look outside the home for opportunities and resources in the community, to visualise how we can create a healthier and happier urban environment.

This course will be in Brunswick, Melbourne, and easy to get to from public transport. Venue details will be sent out once you register.

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