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Date(s) - 26 Apr 2018
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Very Edible Gardens

There’s few things Melbournian’s talk more about than beverages or football, but weather is certainly one of them! We suspect that’s because it can be changeable and seems hard to predict, but it doesn’t have to be so mysterious. It’s all about knowledge…

Join Jeremy for a casual hour or two of learning about Melbourne’s climate and typical weather patterns – from how to read a synoptic chart (that’s one in action below), to why cyclones off Broome can lead to good rains in Victoria, and even why it can rain-sunshine-hail-sunshine across a wintry July afternoon. We’ll even toss in a few resources on how to keep training your weather-eyes so you can become even more weather savvy.

While it will still be worth carrying a jacket in January, we hope this talk will help understand why that’s the case… and just how awesome the weather in Melbourne really is!


Free talk on understanding weather: a Melbournians' pocket guide to life


Sorry! Bookings are closed for this event.