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Date(s) - 1 Apr 2019 - 5 Apr 2019

Dan’s excited to be running another four-day Advanced Permaculture Planning + Design Process workshop with David Holmgren again in April 2019 (in Hepburn, Victoria, Australia). The course is being run by Holmgren Design and the official booking page is here.

This workshop is an accessible yet deep exploration of permaculture design process as a living unfolding reality.

In the third iteration of a unique collaboration, David Holmgren and Dan Palmer further explore, deepen and share their understandings of sound permaculture design process.

Not only has much of the content of this workshop emerged in recent years, it will continue to develop during the workshop itself. This means that attendees are participants in a live conversation, where David and Dan hope to meet people where they are and support their journey forward with permaculture design.

You can read a detailed report Dan wrote about the first (2017) iteration of this workshop here.

“I highly recommend this course for anyone seeking a deep understanding of permaculture design. This course is perfect for designers, educators, practitioners and theorists wanting to understand the role permaculture will play in transforming our world” (Past Participant).

As co-originator of permaculture, David Holmgren has been working with permaculture design process for forty years. In this workshop David shares his long history learning, practicing, and teaching permaculture design along with how his understandings are continuing to evolve today. Much of what David shares in this workshop you will not find anywhere else.

“I’d like to express gratitude for the high quality of content, facilitation and overall authenticity of the course. Everyone involved was a pleasure to connect with and it has restored my hope in collectively making permaculture stronger and bumping up the resolution of my own way forward” (Past participant Ben Mallinson).

Dan Palmer helped found PermablitzVery Edible GardensMaking Permaculture StrongerHolistic Decision Making, and Living Design Process. Actively and continuously involved in permaculture design projects for the last twelve years, Dan is deeply passionate about the evolution of design processes that support the full expression of permaculture’s potential.

“As more of your teachings sink in I gain greater appreciation for your visionary insight into the design process” (Advanced Permaculture Course veteran Delvin Solkinson).

Alongside high-level design process frameworks and how permaculture ethics and principles apply directly to design process, this workshop covers:

  • Reading people (Dan)
  • Reading landscape (David)
  • Distilling and synthesising observations (both)
  • Designing and implementing as things that best unfold together over time (both)
  • The evolution of design and implementation over years and decades (both)

Lecture-based and interactive classroom sessions will be complemented with time outside reading landscape walk and in-depth design-process-based tours of Melliodora and the Mayberry Woodend project.

Participants will have the opportunity to share their own design projects with the group for discussion and feedback.

“The process was powerful and inspiring beyond expectation” (Past participant).

Here is the timetable from 2018 (Though details will change the overall pattern will likely remain similar).


Session One (8:45am-10:30am) – Introductions, housekeeping, course context and program

Session Two (11am-12:30pm) – History of Design Frameworks

Session Three & Four (1:30pm – 5pm) – Ethics and Principles / Dave’s journey with permaculture design

Session Five (7-9pm) – Retrosuburbia’s Work-Life quadrant


Morning prac: TBC

Session One (8:45am-10:30am) – Check in & recap, Dan’s journey with permaculture design, focusing in on design process

Session Two (11am-12:30pm) – Reading people and holistic decision making

Session Three & four (1:30pm – 5pm) – Reading Landscape

Session five (7-9pm) – Dave and Dan share stories and personal reflections on reading people and landscape


Morning prac – TBC

Session One (8:45am-10:30am) – Distilling, evaluating, synthesising observations

Session Two (11am-12:30pm) – Moving toward concept design / patterning / overall strategy

Session Three & four (1:30pm – 5pm) – Melliodora walk and case study

Evening meal and then fire at Pear Tree


Session One (8:45am-9:45am) – TBC

Morning tea and Session Two, Three & four (10:30am – 5pm) – Mayberry Woodend field trip


“If you’re serious about applying permaculture on projects or more broadly, you shouldn’t hesitate to do this course. It was a game-changer for me” (Past participant).


The course and camping will be at Hepburn Primary School 200m from Melliodora, the premier permaculture demonstration site of David Holmgren and Su Dennett.

Melliodora is not central to the course content but is accessible to the students over the four days for additional learning and inspiration.

Alternative accommodation in Daylesford/Hepburn is an option but the provided local seasonal food (much from Melliodora) is integral to the course.

Numbers are limited to 30. Bookings essential.

Booking page is here.