Nov 2020: With the loosening of restrictions we’re back in the gardens of Melbourne installing wicking beds (using our COVID safe plan)! The Team @ VEG

Aug 2020:

(Stage 4 restrictions for Melbourne)

Yes, we are still trading! Under the VicGov workplace guidelines we can continue operating with our COVID Safe Plan, which we’ve been operating under since March 2020. (We’re in the category: Hardware, building and garden supplies.)

To clarify what is possible, our orders are available for:

  • Shipping nationwide via courier for our wicking conversion kits, and VEG contactless delivery for our timber kitset beds & wicking kits (if not couriered) to Metro Melbourne areas (with only one VEG team member delivering).
  • Only if your order cannot be shipped, we have contactless collection from our warehouse in Brunswick. We would note a few points if you’re collecting your order:
    • Please be prompt in collecting your order onsite and follow the best health practices (using hand sanitiser, wearing a mask, only one person collecting),
    • If you have any questions email us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Our warehouse is not operating as a retail outlet, so we won’t be answering the door for questions.

Other changes to our trading are:

  • No onsite wicking bed, chook system or landscape installs for this period
  • No deliveries of chook houses for this period (at least until we devise a delivery method only requiring 1 VEG team member)
  • Only one VEG team member filling orders in the warehouse at any one time; please also bear in mind this will slow our usual order fulfilling times.

Be well!

The Team @ VEG


For more info here’s our April 2020 update: We’re actively working on how best we can keep doing what we do best in a way that’s responsible, safe and tailored to the changing times. You can read more on our thoughts and new services here.

As a small team with a very strong ethos of taking care of each other, VEG is very well placed to navigate these interesting times. We commonly use Zoom for remote and online meetings, and have moved to that as our default meeting type. We’ve always actively supported our people to work remotely which offers a lot of flexibility, and reduces the need to have more than 2-3 of us in the warehouse at any one time.

Our current broad scale adjustments currently include: 
– utilising our outdoor collection point for all order pickups
– face to face contact only if required and always respecting a physical distancing of 1.5-2m (for both clients and in our workplace)
– cleaning hands, surfaces, touchpoints (door handles etc) as often as possible & minimally twice daily for all surfaces and doors, wearing gloves when packing orders

​We’re very aware of ​the health concerns we all can be proactive about and are ensuring we’re doing our bit to minimise risk and still support anyone and everyone growing good healthy food 🙂

Retail and Warehouse production

We’re very fortunate to have a great warehouse space which serves as our HQ, timber storage & workshop, and our wicking conversion kits and order packing area. The detailed steps we’re taking to ensure the best hygiene for you and our team are:

  1. Following social isolation and hygiene procedures before entering the warehouse
  2. Thorough handwashing (20 secs +) when entering & leaving the warehouse
  3. Thorough handwashing (20 secs +) so many times during the day that our hands are getting really dry. And then some more.
  4. Cleaning points of contact (i.e. door handles, light switches, common areas, benches) frequently during the work period
  5. Using clean gloves for the handling & packaging of materials
  6. Washing gloves thoroughly (with hot soapy water) every end of work period
  7. Not touching other surfaces while putting wicking orders together

You can also read the latest notes from our Courier company, Sendle, here.

Here’s the wonderful Gaby, with her nifty packing gloves… right before she had to jump on a plane back to Brazil. Boy, we’re going to miss her great work @VEG!

Install and Site visits

*Please note these in particular may change at short notice

We’re doing a lot towards managing the current circumstance and still bring more food gardens to the suburbs. We’re following the best practice guidelines for all our physical touch points, are happy to phone and distance chat when onsite and similar practices.

We would ask of course that if you or anyone is your household is feeling unwell and are currently managing for that, then please let us know and we’ll delay our visit and come by when the circumstance improves.

Measures we’re taking include:
– prioritising installs where we can have only one person on the job; this means we’re not in the ute together;
– equipping each individual with their own set of tools for the day, which are cleaned at the beginning and end of the work period
– managing client contact via phone, email and online meetings, including onsite where possible. When not, we can simply yell to each other across your yard 🙂
– delaying installs until such a time when it’s appropriate for us to be doing them

If you have any questions please contact us.