VEG 2018 Update 1

VEG & Friends Rocket-Powered Gathering end of 2017

What VEG is up to in 2018

In case you hadn’t realised, these days VEG isn’t one thing, but the ‘mothership’ of a raft of complementary projects and enterprises, including what we call the VEG Ecosystem:

…and its sister projects:

VEG 2018 Update

The VEG Warehouse ready for an action-packed 2018

In and amongst all these fun and games, this year VEG will be focusing on:

That’s a taste anyways of VEG’s current state and intentions – thanks as always for your interest and support and we hope to bump into you somewhere or other during the year.

Update from VEG Directors Adam Grubb and Dan Palmer

…VEG Directors Adam and Dan – still friends after nine years in business together…