VEG’s Will & Dan had a lovely time commencing the edibilisation of a Kew backyard today.  Nice when everything goes like clockwork and you go home with smile, feeling blessed to get to design & set up food gardens for a living.  When the owner and budding backyard farmer Josh got home this afternoon we was so stoked to see his new beds we joked we should get his statements on film.  Josh said “totally – let’s do it” so we filmed a short, unedited totally spontaneous ‘moment’ in Josh’s backyard:

Josh’s TopShelf VEG beds were on the large and hence heavy side (these things are built so solid they’ll last generations!) so we used a delivery method we have never used before – check it out!

…and here are a few photos from the day.

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We will continue to document Josh’s (and his wife Tania’s) project as it unfolds, and we are keen to get more footage of Josh as he gets seriously edible at home, so stay tuned – this is a live story that will continue to evolve.  Phases to come include an orchard and full chook system as per the design below which we completed last March.