On April 4 2010 we had a news item about Dan & Amanda’s garden install in Yarraville.  It’s now a real forest and we harvest a good amount from it every day.  Here’s an update with some pics of the garden’s evolution (through the coldest, slowest-growing months of the year).  We did exactly what we do for our customers (same wood, soil, amendments, seedlings), so if we’ve recently put a garden in for you – rest-assured there some good green-filled times ahead (and quicker too now it’s Spring)!

Before (April 2)


During (April 4)


Immediately After (April 4)


One Week After (April 11)


One Month After (May 7)


Three Months After (July 24)


Five Months Later (September 12)

Bill Mollison once said you can never have enough parsley.  Actually, we think we have enough ;-)…