Dan popped into Mel’s edible garden in Seddon on Thursday to complete a little irrigation job before christmas.  Over the years we’ve helped Mel out with her mini-food forest design, roughsawn VEG beds, and an irrigation system.  If you watch the clip below you’ll see why Dan was blown away by all the growth and production.  Serious amounts of fruit in particular, including grapes, apricots, nectarines, peaches, apples, strawberry guavas, chilean guavas, feijoas, and much more.  I mean check out these grapes!

 Mel is an inspiration doing so much with a small space and with a busy family life to manage too, not to mention all her community work with Permaculture out West amongst lots of other good stuff.  Good on you Mel – you rock! (Note that the rabbit was supposed to show us around but got stage fright – thanks for stepping in Mel…)