Time for a few snapshots of recent VEG activity.  It’s been a very full month, with over twenty vegie beds going in and three full design implementations underway.  So it’s all been about the likes of shovels, wheelbarrows, and cordless drills this month.  We’ve lucked out with one client who has been spoiling us rotten with cups of tea and fresh muffins (thanks Pam!).


It was a thrill to see how quickly the vegies we planted very recently at  Senior Citizen’s centre were coming up.  We even saw a group of Greek ladies out harvesting with much enthusiasm and words we couldn’t understand!


…and here’s Nath and Lex mulching a front-yard food forest in Kew – we guarantee our swales are level with natures supreme level tester – water!


…Adam finishing off a very swish corner yesterday afternoon…


…and the irrepressible Nath wrapping up the week with a big thumbs up!