Over the last few months we’ve been lucky enough to help design and implement the new Stephanie Alexander School Vegetable Garden at Carrum Primary School.  Here’s a few snippets from along the way.  We started with a design consult, and after spending time with school members and interested parents along with the site we went through the permaculture design process.  The design challenge was to connect a food forest, native plants, tough edibles along walkways, ten raised vegie beds, a composting system, a chook-powered vegie plot, and a new shed.  Here’s the design the garden group and Dan from VEG came up with together.


Here’s some pics from the working bee.  Amazing team of parents and a lot more was achieved (food forest planted and ten VEG beds built and in place and filled with soil!) that day than we get done on a lot of our landscaping jobs!  One of the dads had a dingo which didn’t hurt progress.


And here’s some photos and a little thank you Vickie the Stephanie Alexander Garden Committee Coordinator sent through a few days back.

“On behalf of our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden committee at Carrum Primary School I would like to say a huge thank you for your support in getting our new garden off the ground (so to speak!!).

Your supply of garden beds, plants and especially labour has been greatly appreciated and enabled us to complete this part of our task with minimal financial outlay.

I have attached a couple of before and after shots to share with you, what has been achieved over the last four weeks.  We are very lucky to have such fantastic parents on our committee and hard working teachers who gave up large parts of their weekends to ensure we completed most of the tasks we had planned.  We have also now employed our Garden Specialist, an amazing parent, who will ensure the garden program is both an educational one for our students and a viable one for our Kitchen classes.  We are all very excited about the next phase of the development of this program and are very grateful for you willingness to help us on this amazing journey.

Thanks once for all your support, we really appreciate it.

Yours sincerely,

Vickie Wheelahan”

Our pleasure Vickie!!! Can’t wait to see the garden evolving and feeding lots of little ones in all different ways!