Amazing Soil Growth in Heathmont Backyard

Prepare to be amazed. After a decade of chook and duck poo but most especially many cycles of grasses and dandelion and dock and all the rest growing up then being mown or munched to grow again, something beautiful has been happening in Kim and Clive’s backyard…

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  1. Richard

    How I would just love to have a very edible garden as it is we have lived at our residence for 40 years and still our soil remains rubbish ,hard clay pan. I have brought in cow ,horse manure ,mushroom mulch, sugar can by the bale and used compost. Nothing makes much difference to the moisture content of the soil and weeds were quite prolific until I used Cyprus Mulch , but not only does it appear to suppress weeds it appears to reduce water penetration though established plants appear to thrive.
    Currently my front garden looks very attractive with zaleas,a long stretch of bulbs that bloom white flowers and petunias in various shades. Last year we had a magnificent display of marigold which just grew from dispersing the seeds at lib , followed by nasturtium in various colours.
    No one else gardens except for me its one of my passions but there are so many other things that require attention which makes gardening for a retired bloke like me difficult.

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