On July 27th, Jeremy, Brendon, Adam and Dan made a day of visiting a bunch of past VEG garden design jobs around Melbourne.

In this post we’ll share some permaculture design diagrams and little videos we made of our adventures. One of Dan’s permaculture mentors, Rosemary Morrow, once said “you don’t know how good a design is until you go back after five years and see how it’s all working out.” We’ve learned so much from revisiting past jobs, and on this day many of the places we visited were 6, 8 or even more than 10 years old.


It was such a buzz strolling around in Julian and Linda’s front and back yards – as you’ll see in the vid things have sure grown!


It was in Kim and Clive’s Heathmont backyard where we completed our very first professional permaculture design consultancy. Here’s the design diagram…

and the short video we shot focusing on the absolutely incredible soil that’s been built up over the last twelve years…


We next visited our old friend and ex-client (they are all friends now!) Pam in Kew where we shot this vid of how it’s all going.


On to Ken and Jenny’s place in Rosanna the chook system of which features in this vid…

all and all a fantastic day – with a few more visits we’ll share when we get around to sorting out the videos. Hope there was something of interest or use for you amongst all that, and if you’d like a hand here’s some links to our design services, wicking beds, chook systems, and other landscaping services. Until our next day out and about seeing what happened on another bunch of past installs – we plan to make a day of it every six months or so. It’s like top-notch R&D and a roving team meeting all tied in together.