The bottom line:

Help design a permablitz after the VEG Permaculture Design Certificate course, to receive $150 off now! Offer lasts until Aug 13th.

The details:

We, VEG’s main designers – Adam, Carey and Dan – all earned our designer stripes by designing and facilitating permablitzes as volunteers. 

For those that don’t know, a permablitz is a day on which people get together to help someone, or some community, kick start an edible garden – basically a working bee with free workshops, and a tasty permaculture flavour.

Since 2006 there have been over 160 blitzes in Melbourne, and it has grown to become an international movement!

autumn 2014 gang

One important criteria of a permablitz is that it has to have a permaculture design performed before the day itself. More often than not, these designs are done by volunteers – volunteers who have completed a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC).

While an impressive proportion of PDC graduates are itching to test their skills and do a design, there’s only so many graduates of courses to go around.  

These days VEG run a (top notch if we do say so ourselves) PDC ourselves. And we also want to see more blitzes happening. So that’s why we’re offering a special discount to our next PDC starting September 12.  It’s available for 10 days only, until August 9th! If you say you’re willing to be part of a permablitz design team you get a $150 discount off the PDC. 

kate presenting design

Our PDC is intensely practical-design focused so don’t worry, you’ll come out swinging!  And we’ll help you with any questions and support we can give. 

If you want to see what makes the VEG PDC so special, let us count the ways.

If you want to receive the discount and give your comittment, use the code “IWILLBLITZ” when you register for the PDC.

More information on permablitz here:

More info and registrations for the VEG PDC here:

Whatever you do, don’t not do it!