So this article builds on Parts One and Two and focuses on workshop participant Megan’s construction of a little rocket-stove-powered-cooker she built during our recent The Power of Rocket Stoves workshop with Tim Barker.


Here’s the style of stove Megan was after (from this page)




Ze raw ingredients



 Marking out a hole in a 20-litre tin


Tim is the ultimate tinkerer (not to mention self-confessed pyromaniac) and knows all the tricks!


Fitting the lid and flue (insulated with a subsoil/vermiculite mix)…

the insulation

Which looks like this




Light it up and BOOM! Actually as good as this looks it is not how rocket stoves actually work (the combustion and flames are supposed to be down inside the insulated burn chamber). But the flue Megan used was from an old fish and chip shop so this is about 20 years of fat and grease going up!


Cooking up a storm a few days later at the Brunswick Tool Library


 So there you have it, all and all a great workshop. We’ll get Tim back for another one, don’t worry about that, where we’re keen to try a rocket stove mass heater – any volunteers? Find our next rocket stove workshop here.