Adam went into the ABC 774 studios this morning to make Red Symons a weed filled Green Smoothie.

Despite giving us the gong there at the end, Red went back for seconds.

You can listen here:

Here’s some clarification on liver helping herbs:

St Mary’s Thistle, or Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) ( has been proven to help a number of liver complaints.
These two related plants are easier to find and have traditionally been used for liver complaints.
With its teeth like leaves, and single flower on a stalk.  One of the most nutritious plants in the world!  All parts are edible.  The roots can be slow roasted to make a coffee substitute.
Sow Thistle also confusingly known as Milk Thistle (Sonchus oleraceus and Sonchus asper)

Looks a bit like dandelions with a trunk.  A tasty salad green.  Eat the flowers, seeds, young leaves.