Sunday November 2, 1030am to 230pm at VEG Warehouse Brunswick.

Join VEG’s Cassie & Carey (and hopefully Farmer Paul) for four hours of increasing the probiotic microbial vibrations in and around you when we introduce the simple pleasures of life being how to make sauerkraut, kimchi, yoghurt & kefir (and sourdough time permitting).

No experience necessary just the desire to improve the flavours, textures and nutritional goodness of common foods, through scientifically approved, alchemical magic, in ye olde low tech zero cost perpetually regenerating fashions.

RSVP to there’s space for around ten extra people. Carey will contact you to confirm a spot for you and with address details, either tonight or tomorrow morning.

BYO jars in case we can send you home with something other than knowledge to get you started.

This is a ‘free event’ however a donation or two will help cover the cost of ingredients etc, should you be so inclined or able to.

Equipment provided, save a jar or two and your favourite apron – yes, funky aprons make for better workshops so please indulge us!

Below is a picture of Farmer Carey’s kitchen bench once upon a time, to prove we know what we’re talking about 🙂