VEG Warehouse is where the hardware magic happens: cypress pine stock-pile, cutting and building VEG beds and chook houses, tools and irrigation what-nots. We’re now ready to sell cypress timber direct-to-public and to freight our VEG kit set beds nation-wide, should you wish to share the joy. Plus we’re fitting out a nice kitchen and display room so you can drop in and have a cup of tea, whilst perusing our installations portfolio, demo beds and chook houses. 
Entering the VEG bat-cave…
Last April the old Maidstone warehouse ownership changed, and we were lucky to find an old gem in a former Brunswick tannery – on the cards for medium density development, but we’re good for a few years yet. Did someone say medium density development? Yes, and for us that means LOTS of neighbours, very close by. What better time to build a fully enclosed sound-proof work-room! No prizes for guessing the timber used for this modest post & beam structure; walled with straw-bales, roofed with straw-panels with just enough room for our timber truck to roll in.
Fully loaded and ready to rock and roll!
So if you’re building a straw-bale home, contact Ian Miller aka The Straw King at Smeaton via Ballarat, and tell him we sent you. Or, the compressed straw-panels are from Bendigo at Durra Panels. If you’ve got a drummer-rock-guitarist-child or just want to see how we made it, drop Carey a line via our contacts page and come say g’day – onwards and upwards from here!
Nothing like a gleaming saw bench in the morning!