While our primary mission is to bring a bit of the country to the city, we like to take our city arses out to the country too.  More than usual lately we’ve been broadening our horizons (quite literally) and we’re lucky to have some of the most innovative and inspirational farmers on the planet not far from Melbourne.

A couple of weeks ago it was out to the Otways to the Dalpura agroforestry farm with one of the world’s most famous regenerative agriculture experts Darren Doherty (www.permaculture.biz).

In the world of permaculture there is hardly anyone so generous with their knowledge.  Darren gave us the warts-and-all tour of this very early project in his career, which has revegetated a polyculture of tree crops, stabilising the landscape while creating habitat and sustainable harvests.  It is full of experiments so that others can learn.

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We spent a lovely day in the sun pruning forestry trees and learning from Darren.

Lisa took some great photos!

Thanks Daz and Lisa for a great lunch too!