Nath, Adam and Dan from VEG had a great weekend visiting our friends at Melliodora, the permaculture demonstration site and residence of David Holmgren and his partner Su Dennet.  David is one of permaculture’s two co-founders, so it was fantastic to be able to sit down and get some feedback on some of our recent design and soil analysis and remediation work here in Melbourne.  As well as eating a lot of home-grown and highly-wholesome food grown on the property, celebrating Adam’s birthday at a local bar, and pruning their elderly next-door neighbour’s fruit trees, we helped on a long-term project of David and Su’s – the revegetation of Spring Creek Gully.  Dan shot a bit of footage of David explaing the project you can check out below.  Watch out for Adam bouncing up and down on a blackberry trampoline in the background!