Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by for a chat at day one of the Royal Melbourne Show today.  VEG was invited to set up a garden and one of our team will be there each day until October 2nd.  We are very grateful to our friend and colleague Pete the Permie who supplied about 20 beautiful fruit trees which surround our garden and have been getting much interest from passers by.  Thanks also to the wonderful Joe Gaffy from Apex Retaining Walls for all his help (if you need a retaining wall – Joe’s your man!).  Anyone visiting our garden can enter the draw to win a Kitset VEG Bed – if you were one of today’s many entrants, then good luck.  One of Dan’s favorite visitors was a lady who had been looking at our chook houses on our website last night then when she arrived at the show this morning – there they were!  Guess some things are meant to be ;-).

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Dan’s been doing some numbers and if we assume half the 500,000 expected show visitors don’t have a garden then if we can help inspire one in every 100 people to stick some parsley or more in the ground that’s 2,500 new edible gardens in the world!