We are most excited to announce that you can now order Kitset VEG Beds online.  Building your VEG bed or beds at home not only gives you the job satisfaction, but as you are supplying most of the labour, it makes them a lot more affordable too.  Our kitset cypress veggie beds are fast becoming one of the most popular things we do, and we’re delighted to have customers emailing us photos of the finished products dripping in veggies.

We have had our heads down in preparation the last few months, first fitting out our new warehouse and demonstration room space in Brunswick, and second setting up our online shopping cart.  We don’t outsource much here at VEG, so one minute we are dynabolting a saw bench onto the warehouse floor and the next uploading thumbnails onto the shopping cart!

Anyways, let it be known that you can now order yourself a Kitset VEG bed in beautiful, ethically sourced and untreated cypress for prompt delivery or pickup and for those of you wanting beds we really look forward to hearing from you and helping you in setting up your edible garden.

Note that whilst these pictures are of 40cm high beds, we offer 20, 40, 60 & 80 cm high beds in about any width & length you like, and all with the option of a fitted bench seat.