On the weekend we finished up a two day Intro to Urban Permaculture at our friends Kim and Clive’s house in Heathmont.

What great people! What great hosts! What great food (thanks Amanda and Kim)!

may 2011 intro to urban permaculture course

There are days when this job is worth it.

Here’s the totally raw and unedited course feedback, including some tips we’re incorporating so the next one is even better.



Course content was EXCELLENT, a good overview of lots of topics – I now feel like I have an understanding of all the areas I can delve deeper into at a later date.  The framework was very helpful as an overall concept.

Good mix of discussion/presentation, inside/outside etc.

Great location, ie. Example garden & excellent catering

Look forward to getting lots more resources (book titles etc) when the course notes are emailed through

The only improvement is the admin process – it took a while to get receipts for course payments and details on course times via email

Great course- very impressed – great value. Many thanks!



Found the course to be a great introduction to permaculture and look forward to the years ahead of learning and developing.

Not so much suggested feedback, other than a noted course layout would hugely help to retain and work through the information.

Loved it though.

Great work guys.



Great Course! Great Food! Loved all the outdoor bits and the theory all makes sense to me!  I would like to have a few more practical examples of vegies I can plant together. All the design examples really helped to show how a good design is implemented.  I hope to own my own backyard and use everything I have learned to make a food forest and edible garden.

Thanks Guys!



Overall design / idea / philosophy was very helpfully and really framed permaculture in a complete way.

Food was amazing!

Very helpful to see permaculture in action in backyard & Great Hosts!

Great exercises with putting concepts to work & learning from them

Loved mix of theory / practices




I enjoyed the course in particular the weed and chook information.

The exercises were useful to keep things going.

Overall an enjoyable experience



Fantastic Course

Really enjoyed that it involved a lot about sustainability and the world we live in and not only gardening

Very clear easy to understand

Fantastic games and examples

–  love the stretch to the sun

–  meditation =) [refers to Adam’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek guided soil meditation]

Fun relaxed manner kept it very fun but learnt so much!

Perfect ratio of theory and practical (Feel I am leaving very well balanced and educated into learning more and designing)

Great location.  So good to see what we are learning

Awesome teachers =) thank you so much!



V. informative

Highlight: chooks, weeds, soil

Interested in getting VEG to design my next garden

Lunches were lovely. Etc.



Hi Dan + Adam

Totally loved the course.

You guys are very inspiring and now I have “many” ideas for my garden.  This is just the beginning of more learning though.

Venue + food was great.

Realy enjoyed your humour and knowledge – with a slight political/philosophical bent.  All good!

Thanks muchly!




–  Gobbles [Amanda’s new sweet organic ball business which participants got to trial]

–  Food was fantastic

–  Venue – v.generous of the hosts

–  Format – I like the way you split course into overall design elements & then “drilled down” into detail

–  Informal nature – not too school-like for a weekend


–  Maybe would have liked a bit more of the ‘how to’ practical implementation of things à but perhaps this is where the permablitz comes in





Hands on helped learning

Terrific venue where we could see permaculture working

Great food




– Excellent introduction to PC

–  Quickly got the gist of what PC is all about

–  Good introduction to design principles and design process

–  Inspiring

The PC principles themselves still seem a bit nebulous, and how they fit in.  But maybe they are until you do some actual design.

Good balance of activities in course

Great being in home



What Worked?

Day 2 was more fun/interactive as well as refreshing Day 1 which was excellent

All the hands on stuff (practice) was great for integrating the theory – I’ll remember the chalk designs far more than the theory as per overheads.

Venue was great – so good to see a design working, food was terrific too.

The humour in the presentation was good too.

What didn’t work?

Too much theory for me on Day 1 – it felt like a long day by the end.

Thanks Dan+Adam