We have long been inspired by the two-volume classic permaculture text Edible Forest Gardens.  We don’t know of a more thorough treatment of the design process, and when we come up against a quandary or question in our own design practice, the chances are this book explores it. In fact, there is probably no work we refer to more in our teaching.

So imagine how delighted we are that our friends at Milkwood Permaculture have secured an Australian visit by lead author Dave Jacke!  What is more, Dave is coming to Melbourne, where he will give both a two-day workshop entitled Gardening Like the Forest: Fundamentals of Ecological Gardening March 9 & 10 and a talk on the same topic the evening of March 8th. Note that we made a mistake in our January newsletter in thinking the two-day workshop was full – it’s not!

If you are interested in permaculture design generally and edible forest gardening in particular, then this is not an opportunity to miss.