A big VEG news item is that one of the team  – Nathan (me), is building his own Straw Bale house and holding a wall raising and rendering workshop by Huff’n’Puff Constructions in Castlemaine on April 17. Interested? follow the link to find out more – http://castlemainepermaculture.blogspot.com/
I attended a workshop myself with Huff’n’Puff ( http://glassford.com.au/main/ ), 4 or 5 years ago in Beaufort (near Ballarat) for a couple named Clive and Gab and found it so inspiring and awesome (they built it for $56,000) that I went home, bought a packet of chalk and drew my room sizes on the street I live in in Fitzroy, downloaded Google Sketch-up (for free) and designed my simple house. The experience of actually building a house with a bunch of other dudes made the whole dream seem so solid that …… well here I am – looking for 5 people to sign up, learn and get a house up. Cost for full fee are $605 for 5 days.
There will be food, fun, lots of Central Victorian bushland, dams to jump in if you get too sweaty and lots of like-minded people who are interested in this low energy method of building (grass grows back every season).
Please contact me : nathan@veryediblegardens.com if you are interested. It is going to be amazing!!!