Exactly one year ago Dan and Ciela from VEG made a little youtube about their backyard choko vine.  Unexpectedly, it went viral by VEG’s humble standards (over 700 views!).  So, buoyed by the obvious interest in chokos out there, this morning they shot the much-anticipated sequel: “Return of the Living Choko.”  Like last year, the clip was motivated by Amanda’s desire to have the washing line back!

Choko is Dan’s favorite vegetable and this year this plant yielded between 50 & 60 kilos of chokos and the only input was the effort of picking them.  It was already planted from last year, no new fertiliser was applied (the bed the choko grows in had heaps of worm castings applied two years ago), and this year we didn’t even prune it.  Scroll down below the youtube to see some photos of the vine and some photos of the delicious dishes made from the abundant chokos.  Note also that as we have so many chokos we are giving them away.  Email carey@veryediblegardens.com to arrange to pick up a free choko to plant in your gardens from VEG’s Brunswick warehouse.

The photos in this next series of choko dishes in order are choko stir fry, choko desert with apple coconut & butter, and choko pickle (in large jar on left).

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