Planning on getting your chook system up and running within the next six months?  Need to source some quality, lovingly raised, psychologically balanced, hard working, honest and good looking chickens to scratch and lay your life and yard to a better place?  Then get in touch and place your order now – VEG has taken on the opportunity to hand-rear 34 beautiful 2-week-old chicks, half Australorps and half Rhode-Island Reds – our favorite choices for the backyard permaculture system (no offense to Isa Browns).  Right now they’re two weeks old and $8 each, and the price will go up weekly by $1 until they’re 22 weeks (that is they’ll be $28 each at point-of-lay).  However, if you are a past permaculture design and/or implementation customer of ours, take 25% off these prices.