On Saturday (yes the Grand Final was on but that didn’t bother us too much) we blitzed the backyard of the Wyndham Community and Education Centre into a garden for Karen (Burmese) refugees. They are a totally great crew and lots of them collect wild foods, ride bikes and are really keen gardeners: interests very close to our hearts.  Some of them have spent 20 years in refugee camps so they especially love the chance to garden and grow food.  We designed the garden together as a group about a month ago.  How much lawn do we want to turn over to veggies, I asked?  All of it!, was the answer.  So that’s what we did, using VEG’s cypress beds, and planted a few fruit trees too.  We achieved well, ate well, laughed well.



The super crew:


More photos:
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VEG organised the blitz with the help and support of the Wyndham Council Growing Communities project and Shoestring Gardening.